We challenge you to shop locally!

Your friendly Bethlehem retailers need your help.

In Bethlehem, and across the globe, small business is struggling. We should know. As founders of Domaci, there hasn't been a day that's gone by in the last few weeks where the question of "what happens to us when things get back to normal" hasn't crossed our minds.

Shop Local

Don't get me wrong, we've been blessed. Last week, we introduced our Domaci Quarantine Survival Boxes which sold out in a matter of hours. Last night, we released 4 additional boxes that are selling quite well, thanks to you.

Eat Local

Additionally, we're so proud of our community and the way everyone is rallying together. For instance, some of our friends in the local restaurant industry are continuing to satisfy our tastebuds by offering takeout, curbside pickup and delivery options.

Even before it was ordered, we decided to shut our storefront in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Days later it was ordered by the state that all non-essential retail stores close since, understandably, a large sector of retail is not crucial to the public in these trying times and could hasten the spread of the virus.

However, in the larger scheme of things, your favorite Bethlehem retail shops will be essential for a strong community and healthy economy once we come out of this.

Therefore, our friendly Bethlehem retailers need your help.

The Shop Local Challenge

Since most of our restaurant friends are taking a break today, we challenge you to spend what you may have spent on takeout this Monday, to support your favorite shop. Their storefronts may be closed, but many retailers in our downtowns have websites from which you can shop. If you're not exactly sure what you need now, we encourage you to purchase a gift card that you can redeem at a later date. Even the smallest of purchases will go along way.

Do you accept the challenge?

Follow us on social media [Facebook & Instagram] as we tag area retailers. Likewise, we invite you to support and promote your favorite Bethlehem retailers.

After all, we're #OneBethlehem and we're all in this together.

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