• Katie Johnson

Shop Small Bingo -- get in on the action "B-4" it's too late!

I haven't played Bingo in years - and I always hear about "purse bingo" and "big prize bingo". Well now - you can combine a renewed love of Bingo with shopping and supporting your favorite small businesses in The South Side Arts District. SO how do you get in on the action?

It all starts Monday, May 11th. And here's how to play...

* Download your Bingo Board - available May 11th

* Make a purchase from any of the locations in any given row on your Bingo Board to work towards getting Bingo

*Take a picture of yourself with each of the purchases that mark off your Bingo Board

*Email your picture and Bingo Board to missy@southsideartsdistrict.com

*Every submitted Bingo will be entered in a drawing to receive $100 to the Southside Merchant of your choice. A winner will be drawn every two weeks.

My favorite part of this game is all of the choices of businesses that I can support- you can get dinner, buy a Father's Day gift, get some CBD to calm those quarantine anxieties, or even buy yourself some Vodka "to-go". Below is a an example of one of the Bingo Cards- so many of our favorites included!!

I asked Missy Hartney, Downtown Manager, where this idea came from ?

"I am thrilled our Merchants wanted to do this. Right now it's so important to support our local shops and restaurants- they are the character of our community. Without them we wouldn't be the Bethlehem we are today. And to have fun and be rewarded while shopping local-what's better than that? Patrons have a month and four bingo boards to play to get "bingo" and could win $100 to any South side shop or restaurant of their choice."

My thoughts exactly Missy! I hope y'all get involved in some Shop Small Bingo!!!

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