• Katie Johnson

Let's get together yeah yeah yeah..well kind of....

We have reached YELLOW!!! Who knew colors could be so exciting... and then there is the ever elusive GREEN ?!? When ?? How?? Well we aren't sure....but for now its Mellow Yellow and let's talk about what that means!

Now by "HOME" I am not referring to that place you have been responsibly staying in for the past three months. I am referring to your favorite bar stool, you favorite locally owned small business, or your some alfresco dining at your favorite restaurant. H ere are some of the current Covid-19 Restrictions.

  • Masks and Social Distancing are required in small businesses

  • The Stay at Home Order is lifted

  • Gatherings up to 25 people are now allowed

  • Restaurants can open up outdoor dining in addition to takeout and delivery

  • Some (but not all businesses) can reopen with limited capacity and masks worn inside

I am just excited to sit outside, shop, and see people! Less them 24 of them of course! Planning a refresh of my back porch is first on the list. So now to choose which way I am going ..... This?

or this?????

or this....???

So many decisions! But I one thing I know is that I will be leaving the house and start to feel a little bit of normal again- while wearing a mask and being socially distant. So please visit your local small business and restaurants that persevered through these crazy times and are so excited to see your masked faces! We will be smiling behind ours.

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