Domaci Lifestyle Backgrounds for Your Zoom Meetings

It's a virtual world now and Domaci is here to help take your virtual meetings and consultations to the next level. We invite you to download your favorite lifestyle image for use on remote conferencing platforms like Zoom.

Home Office

Living Room

Dining Room



  1. Select then download your favorite Four Hands background image.

  2. Open your Zoom desktop app (or download the program if you don’t already have it installed).

  3. Start your own meeting, then enable video.

  4. Once your meeting has started, select the "Menu" arrow next to your video icon.

  5. Select “Choose Virtual Background” – this will open the "Settings > Virtual Background" window.

  6. 6. Select the plus (+) sign to add your chosen image.                                                          

  7. Navigate to your selected image and upload it. Once uploaded it should default to your new background image.

  8. Close the Settings window. Your new Four Hands background image should be set!

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