Derrick's Eclectically Industrial Workspace

To say the way we work has completely changed might be an understatement. Here's how I've adapted the way I work.

Much like our shop, our home is full of eclectic style and our home office is no different. Typically I spend my working time in an office at the rear of the store in South Bethlehem, but since we're a week into social distancing, our home office is now where I spend most of my time. Let's face it, just because the storefront is closed doesn't mean the work stops, especially when you're a small business looking to survive in these uncertain times.

My desk is a repurposed work bench that Warren and I picked up an an auction in Bangor, PA years ago. So, it's not your typical desk by any means, especially when it comes to general office work. However, it fits our style perfectly.

The work bench has a small attached drawer which is great, but I found myself needing a little more space for storage and files. These repurposed industrial file drawers were a great edition, and fit the look we were going for, perfectly.

It took me forever to decide on a desk chair. Comfort is key, especially when working on longer projects, but it's got to fit the look, too. The Nisky Counter Chair was the most obvious choice. Our home office is currently carpeted (something we'd like to change soon), so a wheeled chair really isn't practical, nor is it really necessary in the space. The Nisky is comfortably-functional and being top-grain leather and steel, it's going to last.

Sometimes it's difficult, but I try to keep a clean and orderly workspace. Here lately, we've had a lot of projects up in the air. Between real estate, and the recently announced Riverport Market and Downtown Bethlehem expansions, not to mention running the day-to-day at Domaci, it's either stay organized or get lost in the chaos.

Since we all want to be inspired, it's important to surround yourself by inspiring decor.

We love collections and my workspace doesn't fall short. We tend to stick to trinkets, art, and photos that mean something to us. Even if it's a brand new piece, as long as it means something to us, that's really all that matters. Plus, considering there are times I'm at my desk for a few hours straight, the last thing I want to be staring at is something impersonal or generic. Since we all want to be inspired, it's important to surround yourself by inspiring decor.

The workstation found its way up the wall by accident after finding a pair of repurposed industrial shelves at a sample sale in New York. The rusted green finish complimented the base of the workstation nicely, so with a growing collection of books and framed photos that needed a home, it all worked out nicely.

I love my workspace and consider it a true reflection of myself and, together with Warren a reflection of our eclectic style.

Follow along with us through this time of uncertainty for more home tours, DIY tips, recipes and more. While we are unsure what life is going to be like after all of this, we're using this time to rest, reset and refocus.

We love where we live and hope you do too! If you find yourself hanging out at your home wishing for a room refresh, we can do that virtually with our e-design service! We'd love to help, so contact us today.

Be well and stay safe my friends.

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