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Curbside Support...We are all in this together!

Hey y'all ! Katie here - I am going to give you three reviews of three locally owned restaurants The Apollo Grille, Wiz Kidz, and Social Still - it is a brave new world and we are all in it together!

The Apollo Grille - 85 W. Broad Street, Bethlehem, PA

Well it was an unusual Saturday afternoon - but like many we would experience for awhile. I am so used to being able to get up and go to brunch with my gals at The Apollo Grille. But this Saturday I was staying home and doing my part. The Apollo Grille has always been on the forefront of giving back - and here I was craving some amazing appetizers and my daughter had a hankering for their Onion Rings. We scanned the menu and were ready. I called in my order, safely paid over the phone, gave my car description, and 45 minutes later....order in hand. Carefully delivered by one of their tireless servers (wearing gloves) whom I had already tipped 25%! Yes I missed my favorite bartender, the joy of seeing some of the regulars, but at the same time I could celebrate being home with my daughter and eating some of THE best food in the valley! Thank you The Apollo Grille!!

Wiz Kids - 65 E. Elizabeth Ave, Bethlehem, PA

Wiz Kidz is a family "go to" for us. I was brought up eating Cheese steaks in Philadelphia, PA - Wiz Kidz definitely holds their own. Which is why I was thrilled to hear about their super convenient curbside service during these crazy times. We love to support "The Bayou Boys" and what better way than to grab a Cheese Steak lunch? I was able to order and pay online. We got a notification with our exact pick up time - and you better believe my husband was sitting there waiting. My husband also works in the restaurant industry and was proud to support his fellow industry friends. They even have awesome Keto Options - I devoured my "Cheese Steak" Bowl. Thank you for a delicious lunch!!

Social Still - 530 E. 3rd Street, Bethlehem, PA

Yow know what is better that getting out of you car to walk into the Liquor Store? I know - having it brought out to your car! We all know that Pennsylvania Liquor stores are closed - but Social Still is helping promote responsible "Social Distancing" and helping to take the edge of the "quarantine"! Once again I was able to safely order and pay online with my estimated "ready time" emailed to me. An employee happily was waiting for me (wearing gloves and keeping distance they placed my order on my passenger seat!)

I not only got a bottle of their Smooch Vodka - but also got my daughter a cheeseburger kid's meal! It was a huge portion and only $5! I highly recommend supporting our fellow South Side Friends at Social Still!!!

BTW ..... Not only are they still providing fantastic service and quality beverages - they are also using their Distillery to produce Hand Sanitizer! Social Still recently produced over 1000 bottles to be donated across the Lehigh Valley for first responders, medical, and emergency services. How amazing it that?

I hope y'all enjoyed my reviews! I am so happy to continue to support small/local businesses during these ever changing times. Speaking of supporting small businesses - please check out our "Bottoms Up" Quarantine Survival Box. It is available for purchase at our Domaci Website!

Cheers Y'all!!! Stay Safe and Healthy!!!!

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